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Bitcoin W Spectrum BWS


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Discord room:

Where to stake the coin once you get it from Discord!
They now also have a faucet that gives 2/3 coins every 24 hours, faucet.

This is a somewhat new coin to me.  They are currently spreading the coin liberally in their discord room, in 3 days of off and on talking on their server I have received 11801 BTC Satoshi worth of BWS.  Once you get the coin they warn you their discord bot is in beta and to move the coins off of discord, to do that most are using StakeCube as once you send it there, it starts staking that day.  This is a pretty cool coin right now it seems.  I suggest getting some of it while its free, either HODL like I do or send to the staking site then to an exchange when ready to sell.



Windows 64 Bit
Windows 32 Bit



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