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Clam Coin

Clam Coin!

First you will need a wallet on Coinomi or any other supported wallet provided for Clam Coin.

Coinomi is an app for your phone, you can export your private keys.
Coinomi App

Official site


Once you have a wallet setup, copy down your address and head to Clam Coin Faucet

Click on Get Free Coins then Crypto Currency Faucet.

Clamcoin site


Enter your address, click to complete the captcha and claim! Thats it!

Clamcoin Faucet


Thank you for using my referrals! They help me keep going!


This coin is traded on Poloniex, Cryptopia, TradeSatoshi, Shapeshift, Bittrex and more!

Clam Coin Faucet

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