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Vitae Token



Why is Vitae different?

Vitae is not just a token. Much like life, it has a purpose. This purpose is to provide prosperity through POS (Proof Of Stake), Master Node, Super Node and our own Social Rewards Website.

PROSPERITY FOR EVERYONE!Available around the world, Vitae can make a difference to everyone.

ANTI INFLATIONARYProviding tremendous rewards for Staking, Master Nodes and Super Nodes, Vitae Token provides an increasing supply to those that receive rewards. Combined with our Social Rewards Platform, the generation of anti inflationary income is possible.

Hodl! The more you do the more you get back with Vitae. With Master Node and Proof of Stake. Download your wallet and start earning rewards. Set up a Master Node for even more rewards.

Download the Wallet at Or at
Windows – Apple – Linux
There is also a discord channel for free coin to get you started!  Just participate!

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